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Quality Control & Customer Support

Every Detail, Every Time!

In our industry, there are no do-overs and your reputation’s on the line with every show. Evolve’s expert service team makes sure that your gear is working and back on show faster than you thought possible. No more waiting on manufacturers, dealing with long wait times and confusing request processes. We make it fast and easy to keep you moving at the speed of the industry.

The Evolve Difference


We provide state-of-the-art, fully customizable video solutions that deliver pristine visual quality for all of our clients. When you partner with Evolve you get more than gear, you get peace of mind. You know your gear is going to work and our team of experts are on call to support you day and night.

The Evolve Academy

Future Proof the Future You

Workshops for industry professionals to improve their skillset for the future. In an industry of constant change and innovation, training is an essential part of a well-rounded, knowledgeable professional. Evolve Academy provides the best in education series, lectures, and product demos in order to enhance the expertise amongst individuals in our ever-evolving industry.

Your Video Department

Evolve Trifecta consists of our three main pillars; rent, buy, and learn represented by red, green and blue. Like RGB is the foundation of video, the different pillars of our Trifecta work together supporting our clients and growing their business.

When you partner with us, you get the gear you need to put on a show in addition to direct access to a knowledgeable team that does all of the equipment research, training, and quality assurance for you. At Evolve, we make jaw-dropping things happen for our clients. As your go-to company for bringing video experiences to life, we pride ourselves on training your team and supporting your event without clamoring for attention. We believe in becoming your silent partner, your covert video department. We work tirelessly behind the scenes so that the spotlight remains right where it belongs — on you.


Ready to get everything you need to run the show smoothly while performing at your best? Our high-quality gear for short and long-term rentals offers you and your team that and more.


Buy the gear you need with confidence. Eliminate the big-box manufacturers’ long turnaround times with your flexible gear financing and distribution programs.


Whether you’re looking to keep your skills sharp or train an entire video department, the Evolve Academy has you covered. We offer comprehensive hands-on training, regardless of your skill level.

Don’t take our word for it!

Our clients do some really awesome things with technology. They convert massive empty ballrooms into beautiful immersive experiences. They turn unprecedented obstacles into once and a lifetime opportunity, and create stunning visuals that help tell their client’s stories effectively. Ready to get inspired?

Our Partners

We don’t partner with just any manufacturer! We are selective and have carefully chosen our Trifecta partners to ensure that partnership adds value for you and provides you with a better experience and an extra set of tools to keep you moving at the speed of live. You can count on expert service, support, training, and guidance for everything we offer from our Trifecta partners.

What clients say.

“Evolve is the linchpin of everything we do. I mean none of this was possible without their support and guidance in getting us to this place,”

Brian McCrae Co-Founder D3G Productions

Meet The Evolve Solutions Team

Evolve Technology understands the importance of providing exceptional services to our clients. That’s why we’ve created a department of experts, known as Solutionists. Our Solutionists are industry experts who specialize in specific equipment disciplines, and they are here to be our client’s incogneto video department. Whether it’s researching new gear or providing training to your staff, our Solutionists are dedicated to their craft and passionate about sharing their knowledge with others. We recognize that technology is constantly evolving, and our Solutionists are committed to staying ahead of the curve to ensure that our clients receive the most advanced and effective solutions available.