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Jason “JMac” MacDonald

Jason “JMac” MacDonald

Senior Projects Manager

Hey, I’m JMac, the Senior Projects Manager at Evolve! I love helping our clients execute challenging shows and getting techs get up to speed on new equipment.

About Jason “JMac”

JMac grew up in his dad’s tv studio. In 1999, he started doing pipe and drape, and dropping stage decks and later on became a camera operator. He moved to Orlando in 2000, where he befriended our founder, Tyler. He watched Tyler grow from a freelancer to a business owner and joined Evolve in 2015. Today, he’s done everything in video, plus a few other departments. Given his extensive video experience, and familiarity with other departments, JMac sees events from front to back clearly. He uses his knowledge to help Evolve clients build out events, no matter how challenging. Whether he’s supporting your event from home by hiring experienced technicians, or in person at your event, JMac makes sure everything goes according to plan. He takes great pride when folks are excited to see Evolve gear on sight. When he’s not supporting clients or getting techs up to speed, he’s watching sport, going to a concert or the beach with his wife, or spending time with their newborn.

Jason “JMac”’s Day to Day

When our clients place an order, JMac ensures they have everything they need. Clients often bring him a picture of their big event, and he pieces together the tech. For events, he goes for the first few days to make the setup quick and easy. He ensures techs have the equipment they need and know how it works. During rehearsal, you can find JMac with different technicians discussing logistics. He’s happy to answer questions and positively motivates the team. Once the show starts, his job is usually done. If contracted to stay through an event, you can find JMac backstage, monitoring the event. He loves events that are especially challenging. If you’re wondering, “Can we do this?” JMac wants to find a way to say, “Absolutely.” His most memorable events are switching cameras for JLo, an ESPN award show, and any of the shows he got to do with Robert and Tyler. For a funny story, ask him about the time he did a projection mapping for the College of Charleston.

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