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Partnering for Perfection

Nearly Zero Failure, Maximum Success: Showtime Sound’s Glowing Endorsement of Theatrixx LEDs

  • Client:
  • Location:
    Frederick, Maryland
  • Industry:
    Touring | Festivals | Corporate Events

We can all agree that technology has grown immensely in the last 10 years. Much of this advancement has been at the consumer level with high resolution amazing quality TVs and cell phones. As a result, the average person has a pretty high expectation of quality when it comes to enjoying any type of visual entertainment or presentation.

Even a single dead pixel on a screen can distract and disappoint a viewer. This is why it’s critical to invest in products that are high quality, robust, and able to handle the stress of repeated setups, strikes, and dynamic environments.

Based in Frederick, Maryland, Showtime Sound LLC is an event company that services a broad spectrum of customers including a portfolio of higher education and corporate clients. These customers frequently need to film in front of or against an LED wall, so a high-quality image is critical. Reliability is also key, given that LED screens may need to be packed, transported, set up, and used for many events each month.

With the help of Evolve, Showtime chose to invest in Theatrixx’s Nomad 2.6 LED tiles, because it was the right product for a long and productive life.

In a Showtime blog post about their experience using Nomad LEDs, Galen Newell, Showtime’s Video Department Manager, shared that they wanted “a fine pixel pitch product that could be used in high-end corporate events to display high-resolution detailed information.”

“Nomad xVision 2.6: Resolution and Reliability, a winning combination”

The xVision Nomad 2.6 LED from Theatrixx boast cutting-edge technology designed to thrive in diverse settings. Featuring TPEP+, a liquid shader coating for pixel protection, and a wide 170⁰ viewing angle, these displays ensure stunning visuals from every angle. With the latest A10 receiving cards and a base 7680 refresh rate, the tiles can support features such as HDR, low latency, HFR, color replacement, shutter compensation, redundancy, and much more.

You can read more on this product here.

According to Newell, the Nomad LEDs stand out for their exceptional build quality and design. “The adjustment options on the back of the tiles ensure pixel-perfect alignment, crucial for close-up or on-camera viewing,” he noted.

Theatrixx developed this product with customers like Showtime in mind: those who see their LED purchases as investments. They want a product that will still look good and be reliable years down the road.

Meeting the Demand for Superior Visuals

Showtime Sound’s decision to invest in Nomad LEDs was driven by their commitment to delivering exceptional experiences to their clients. With a high quality and reliable product, they would be able to meet the needs of a broader range of customer.  “We found that with the Nomad, we didn’t have to fight to get it to look even like other products, it was great-looking right out of the case.” Explains Marc Chauvin, Showtime Director of Technical Operations.

Since using the products, Showtime has found that the unique sturdy construction of the Nomad LEDs and the rigging options on the tiles gives exceptional flexibility for any setting. The panels are holding up better than traditional LED panel design. This provides Showtime with the peace of mind that using the products on shows and with clients will work flawlessly.

“We haven’t seen any issues that have caused us any concern. There’s been some general wear and tear that any product will experience, but we’ve had an almost 0% failure rate on the actual LED product,” says Chauvin. “Evolve has continued to stand behind the product they’re providing and has solidified our decision to continue our use of the Nomad line.”

Evolve: A Trusted Partner in Success

Showtime Sounds relationship with Evolve started in 2020, just before the pandemic. They needed a company that could supply them with video products, specifically projectors and screens at that time.

“Evolve had the best pricing,” says Marc Chauvin, the Director of Technical Operations, “their service in terms of response times and flexibility was better than anyone else we were considering. And they were able to meet our deadlines. So, we’ve been working with Evolve ever since and will continue to for future projects.”

Chauvin praised Evolve’s responsiveness and flexibility, stating, “Regardless of our fluctuating needs, Evolve treats us with the same level of importance and support. Working with them is always a breeze.”

“Being able to work directly with individuals who not only understand our industry, but also use the products they sell makes our decision even easier.

With Evolve’s assistance, acquiring Nomad LEDs was a smooth process for Showtime Sound. From facilitating custom requirements to keeping them informed about shipping and timelines, Evolve went above and beyond. And the results speak for themselves: Zero tile outages since 2023, a testament to the reliability of Theatrixx Nomad LEDs.


Looking Ahead with Confidence

As Showtime Sound continues to deliver unforgettable experiences, they’re confident in their partnership with Evolve, whose expertise and commitment ensure that every detail is perfect, every time. When it comes to whether Chauvin would recommend Evolve to others, he said, “I would highly recommend Evolve to anyone – dealing with Evolve has been an easy experience, the level of service and support we’ve received and continue to receive is at a level that makes our relationship easy.


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