Theatrixx NOMAD 2.6mm LED

Awesome Features

  • 2.6 Indoor
  • 7,680 Hz
  • Curvable at +/- 2.5 and 5 degrees
  • TPEP coating

The Nomad 2.6 from Theatrixx brings some much needed improvements to LED tiles in the Live Events arena. The most interesting of these is the TPEP (Titanium/Polymer Edge Protection) that provides a coating of protection to the modules that significantly reduces the amount of damage to edge and corner pixels. It has amazing off-axis performance and looks stunning any environment.

Tech Specs

  • Resolution:
    192 x 192
  • Refresh Rate:
  • Scan Ratio:
  • Brightness:
    1200 Nits
  • Power:
    265 W Max Per Panel
  • Dimensions:
    500 x 500 x 79 mm
  • Weight:
    10.88 kg

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