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Theatrixx NOMAD 2.6mm LED

Awesome Features

  • 2.6 Indoor
  • 7,680 Hz
  • Curvable at +/- 2.5 and 5 degrees
  • TPEP coating

The Nomad 2.6 from Theatrixx brings some much needed improvements to LED tiles in the Live Events arena. The most interesting of these is the TPEP (Titanium/Polymer Edge Protection) that provides a coating of protection to the modules that significantly reduces the amount of damage to edge and corner pixels. It has amazing off-axis performance and looks stunning any environment.
Tradeshow booths, Expo Halls

Manufacture Notes

The xVision Nomad is a true AV workhorse. Packed with features and housed in a rugged frame, it is the first xVision product to feature Theatrixx’s proprietary TPEP technology. This makes it extremely durable and ideal for daily AV rental applications and productions. It is also amongst the first LED displays on the market to boast a 7,680 Hz refresh rate, making it ideal for XR production thanks to its increased dynamic range. As always, Theatrixx offers a well-rounded, complete solution with a full line of matching flight cases, ground support, rigging accessories and power distribution solution. About TPEP technology When it comes to fine pixel pitch LED in rental / pro AV applications, the biggest hurdle is no doubt the fragility of these products. Indeed, it is not uncommon for sub-4 mm inventories to suffer significant down-time, and consequently, require a higher percentage of spare equipment to be purchased and maintained. We believe that this is the single biggest barrier to adoption of fine pixel pitch LED in rental and pro AV environments, and this is why we created TPEP. Our exclusive TPEP has been developed upon our years of experience designing, manufacturing and servicing LED displays for the most demanding environments. It combines unmatched durability with ease of servicing, all while delivering the highest-quality images at a competitive price point.

Why this Solution

Theatrixx NOMAD 2.6mm LED Photo Gallery

Tech Specs

  • Resolution:
    192 x 192
  • Refresh Rate:
  • Scan Ratio:
  • Brightness:
    1200 Nits
  • Power:
    265 W Max Per Panel
  • Dimensions:
    500 x 500 x 79 mm
  • Weight:
    10.88 kg


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