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Brent Parker

Brent Parker

LED and Video Engineer

Hey, I’m Brent, the LED and Video Engineer at Evolve! I love helping our clients make their visions a reality with LED solutions, big and small.

About Brent

Brent joined the events industry in 2017. He loves bringing a fresh perspective to our work as one of our newer employees. He ended up in the events industry after 15 years in construction. A friend of his took him to a couple of live event shows, and told him about Evolve’s training programs. After taking classes, he started freelancing. A year later, Evolve called and asked if he wanted to take a LED tech position. Luckily, he did! Brent has an exceptional work ethic. Having previously been in construction, he loves to build. With clients, he’s personable and a team player, especially since he never knows who he is going to be working with. When you’re working on a job with Brent, you can count on him to be friendly and adaptable to get the job done right. When he’s not on the road, you can find him at his son’s baseball games, or spending time with his family.

Brent’s Day to Day

Brent works closely with customers on a regular basis. He participates in pre-planning calls to ensure the event goes smoothly. Once he’s on site, he unloads the truck, directs stagehands, separates the gear, and then builds the wall. Once he finishes building, cabling, and processing, his goal becomes to ensure the wall looks as good as possible throughout the entire event. He loves to work at any kind of event. Brent loves the variety of our industry. It doesn’t matter if he’s building a tiny wall that’s 15 feet wide and 18 feet tall, or a giant wall that’s 100 feet wide by 10 feet tall, and curved. They’re all exciting to Brent! His most memorable gig was building a wall that opened and closed on travelers. You couldn’t tell that it could open at first glance. New presenters walked out between the walls throughout the presentation. It was a unique challenge that was fun to bring to life!

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