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Ready. Set. Show.

We work behind the scenes to do whatever it takes to make sure your show is a success. Our clients do amazing things and sometimes we can’t help but to brag about them.

Illuminating Entertainment


Live Lease was created as a solution with one goal in mind. To grow your business.

In this case study, we explore one of the many challenges faced when creating a world-class Immersive experience like the Illuminarium.

Defining Success In Virtual Productions


At Evolve we measure our success with our client’s success. It’s our mission to grow your business stronger by offering technology that is the best solution, not just the newest.

Virtual productions have taken the industry by storm, but very few are making it easy for their clients.

We aim to fix that.

Vossler Media Group is doing amazing things in the virtual production space and we are honored to be there every step of the way!

When life gives you lemons


“While other event companies were cutting staff and paring down, D3G decided to jump off a cliff and began writing checks.

We went from thinking the world was going to end to figuring out how to deliver a virtual event with the level of service the client expected,” said Brian McCrae of D3G Productions.

Visual Drama Greets 4000 Attendees


Visual Drama met the 4,000 attendees of Rockwell International’s annual in-person
event to showcase their innovations from the past year.

Employees, vendors, and customers of the industrial giant passed through a spectacular 157-foot-long curved LED tunnel featuring hundreds of visual images on individual tiles reflecting the most cutting-edge work of Rockwell, as well as a 30-foot-long virtual reality display.