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Barco Encore3

Better – Faster – Stronger

Awesome Features

Introducing the latest innovation from Barco: the Encore3, revolutionizing screen management for live event AV professionals everywhere. In response to your demands for more, we’ve expanded the canvas space, boosted system resources, and enhanced flexibility—all in one future-proof solution. With the Encore3, you’ll experience unparalleled performance: better visuals, faster processing, and stronger capabilities. It’s the ultimate solution for expanded peace of mind, boxed into a single, powerful package. Upgrade your events with the Barco Encore3 and unlock a new level of versatility and performance.
Image Processing, Large Shows
Better – Faster – Stronger

Manufacture Notes

Bright outcomes require great products. Impress your audience with the best visual experience by relying on Barco’s state-of-the-art video processors to manage exceptional native 4K image quality with best-in-class Athena scaling and ultra-low processing latency down to 16ms. The Encore3 gives access to ~80MP PVW/PGM canvas at 12 bits 4:4:4 processing with never less than 16 fully capable 4K layers per screen. Call on embedded audio, integrated Dante, screen composition for layered videos, layout presets and Multiviewer as a source and the ability to manage all your screens with just one system.

Why this Solution

Experience unparalleled visual excellence with the Barco Encore3, the ultimate solution for delivering stunning presentations and immersive experiences. Our Solutions team is proud to

feature and reccomend this cutting-edge video processor, meticulously engineered by Barco to meet the demands of modern technology and elevate your events to new heights.

At Evolve Technology, we understand the importance of delivering bright outcomes, and the Encore 3 ensures just that. With state-of-the-art Athena scaling and ultra-low processing latency as low as 16ms, your audience will be captivated by exceptional native 4K image quality.

Featuring access to an impressive ~80MP PVW/PGM canvas and never less than 16 fully capable 4K layers per screen, the Encore3 empowers you to create dynamic and engaging presentations with ease.

But the Encore3 isn’t just about superior visuals—it’s about versatility and ease of use. Integrated Dante, screen composition for layered videos, layout presets, and Multiviewer capabilities streamline your workflow, while the ability to manage all your screens with just one system simplifies operations.

Designed with flexibility in mind, the Encore 3 offers a Build to Order design, allowing you to customize your system to match your exact requirements. With a wide range of modular input or output cards and a flexible slot-based architecture, you can tailor the system to fit any configuration.

Smooth integration is key, and the Encore 3 delivers. Whether it’s projection, LCD, or LED screens, you can manage every aspect of your setup effortlessly. Combine units for larger shows or employ them independently for smaller events—the choice is yours.

Operational ease of use is paramount, and the Encore 3 builds on Barco’s legacy of excellence. With a refined cross-platform user interface and straightforward workflows, setup times are minimized, and learning curves are shortened. Plus, with onboard programmable web widget panels and integrated show control, managing your event has never been easier.

Incorporate the Barco Encore3 into your setup and unlock a world of possibilities. With unparalleled performance, versatility, and ease of use, it’s the ultimate solution for delivering unforgettable experiences.

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