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Bob Murdock

Bob Murdock

Senior Product Solutionist for Image Processing

Hello, I’m Bob, the Senior Product Solutionist for Image Processing at Evolve! I love reducing stress for our clients with my expert knowledge in image processing.

About Bob

Since starting his career in 1978, Bob’s seen many changes but says, “It’s all tech, you just do it a little bit differently.” He spent 20 years in the news industry doing almost every role behind a camera. He wanted out of the “doom and gloom” when a friend asked for help with their corporate staging business. After staging, Bob was a sales support engineer at Barco. There he met Tyler, our founder, who asked him to start Evolve’s academy. He spent 6 years building the program. He left Evolve but returned in December of 2022 to be the Senior Product Solutionist for Image Processing. From switchers, to screen management, and device destinations, Bob’s an expert at transforming images. When he’s not managing projects, or building out packaging, he’s hopping on calls with overwhelmed techs to remotely set up shows. Bob feels relieving stress and taking care of people is what this job is all about! After work, you can find him growing his own food in his garden.

Bob’s Day to Day

While Bob has limited client interactions these days, he’s always happy to help if a problem arises. If he’s not assisting clients with image processing problems, you can find him managing projects at Evolve and teaching our image processing classes. When image processing equipment needs built out, Bob designs, creates, and builds the packaging. Everything he creates is durable and simple, with live event technicians in mind. His favorite projects used to be switching for major entertainment events. Today, he enjoys going above and beyond to help people solve their problems. His most memorable gig was a McDonald’s corporate show. The lineup featured Imagine Dragons, Jennifer Hudson, P!nk, Christina Agulera and Bruno Mars. To capture the event, they used cutting-edge technology like a JITA camera that hung upside down from the rafters, and took two people to drive it! If you get him on a call, ask about the bands and artists he’s worked with!

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