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A Fireside Chat With Bob Murdock and Friends : Special Guest Elijah Loeffel

A Fireside Chat With Bob Murdock and Friends : Special Guest Elijah Loeffel

September 1, 2023
September 1, 2023

Bob sits down with Evolve Solutionist Eli Loeffel and talks about what exactly an Evolve Solutionist is and what they do for our clients.


Hi there. I’m Bob Murdoch and welcome to Evolve’s Fireside Chat. Today with me is Elijah Fel. And we’re gonna talk about the, uh, solutions team here at Evolv. Those of you who aren’t familiar with Evolv, we’re a, uh, rental company and we specialize in high-end video equipment. So, um, I said we have a solutions team.

Yeah. And I’m part of that solutions team and Eli is the coach and captain of the solutions team, and I wanted to talk to him about that and he’s given up his time today to do this. Um, so Eli. What is the purpose and your goal with the solutions team? Sure, sure. So the solutions team at Evolv is, you know, a group of highly specialized individuals, right?

And our goal is to support both Evolve internally, right? And all of our customers. What that looks like frequently is for internally, right? We can. Help r QC guys stay on top of their knowledge and support them in making sure the equipment is top-notch and turned over as quickly as possible. Right to always be available for rental.

Very important. Um, customer facing wise. We support our customers in the sense that we have the expertise to help them with their problems, answer questions for their quotes, and then really just guide them from start to finish, along with our sales team to make sure that they have the right gear. And that it’s gonna be built and used correctly so that, so that way they’re successful on show site.

So it sounds like the solutions team is not only external mm-hmm. Dealing with customers, but it’s also internal. Sure. Making sure that the company is constantly progressing and getting better. For sure. And, and part of that is like the team themselves, right? We have to stay on top of our own education.

Mm-hmm. We have to stay on top of the industry. So a solutionist is also responsible for their own education. Mm-hmm. And each other’s education. We’re always cross training and making sure that. You know, we’re all aware of, of what’s happening in the industry, right. So we’re doing a good job of going to trade shows, right?

And seeing what technology is cutting edge. Yeah. We have a lot of, uh, discussions where we all sit in one room and we all discuss problems and solutions and things that are coming and going and new equipment and 2110 and where’s the industry going and things like that. Um, so. Who’s on the team? Alright, so on our team here in Orlando, we have you Bob Murdoch, um, and you are our image processing solutionist.

We have George Ray, who is our l e d Solutionist, you know, oversees anything that has to do with L e d. Um, I still feel the role of projection and display solutions. And then on our west coast, in our Vegas office, we have Joaquin Martin, and he is our media server and computer solutionist. Okay, what’s down the road for the solutions team?

Well, You know, the industry’s still boiling, right? Everyone’s still catching up from coming out of a pandemic where we were all running on fumes and then having to staff up and support an explosive industry. So we’re heavily supporting not just our sales, but our customers in training and equipment and catching up to that.

So, you know, this year we’ve done a good job of stabilizing. So as we stabilize more and more, I’d like to see our team producing more content. Right. More YouTube videos, more direct support to the community, not just to our customers behind closed doors. I also want to see us doing, uh, more trade shows and staying on top of cutting edge gear, right?

What’s coming down the road and what’s gonna be important for not just us, but for our customers to invest in. So, um, so I think that’s a good place to leave it. So if you have any questions, any concerns, or, or you just want us to talk about something at a future fireside chat, shoot us an email at Solutions at Evolve Technology Live until the next time.

See ya.