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Barco and Evolve Join Forces to Demo New 5.1 EMF Software

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (Feb 8, 2018) – Evolve Media Group and Barco joined forces to host a live demo of Barco’s new Event Master 5.1 software release via Facebook live.  The video reached a staggering 32,000 people in the first 24 hours. Barco’s 5.1 software was officially released on February 14th, 2018.  

Evolve’s Director of Technology, Tim Kuschel and Barco’s Field Application Engineer, Vincent Ayala demonstrate key features of the new release, topics include: 

  • Super destinations and super layers 
  • Ability to add up to 2 Ex’s (up to 16 additional layers) 
  • The new Mac Simulator 
  • Linking beyond 2 boxes!!! 
  • Super destinations on the multi-box system 
  • Global inputs for 3+ boxes  
  • And more! 

If you missed the live feed, watch the video below to catch up on what’s new with the Barco 5.1 release! 


Viewer Q & A:


Jim Bob Hunter asks, “‘Not blendable, not overlapable’, wha? Is this why you made a point of saying it’s for led/lcd? What are my options for >20mp overlapped dests?”

Answer: That would be a traditional (2) box link, which will give you a 40MP canvas. 


Julian Steinemann asks, “Where is the hdmi standof for lockable hdmi adaptors?”

Answer: Above the HDMI port. If you do not have the standoffs pre-installed, email to receive a “stand-off kit”  


William Noecker asks, “Can you do just 1 VPU and 1 output card to EX?”

Answer: Absolutely!   


Greg Allen asks, “how would a TCO card work if you need or want to combine auxes and dests. on it? ”

Answer: We do offer Dests and Auxes on the same card with the TCO, it does not have the same rules as traditional output cards where the Auxes must be assigned to the top two ports. You are free to assign the Auxs and Dest as you see fit, as long as you adhere to “4K per card” rule. If you have any other questions, please contact us at” 


Written By
Evolve Technology
March 7, 2018