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NovaStar KU20 LED Display Controller

Awesome Features

  • 10-bit and 8-bit video
  • 6 Ethernet outputs
  • 1x optical output

The NovaStar KU20 is a cost-effective LED display controller in the new-generation control system COEX series. This controller offers 1x HDMI input, 6x Ethernet outputs and 1x optical output. It can also work with the brand-new software VMP (Vision Management Platform) to provide a better operation and control experience.

Tech Specs

  • Resolution:
    1920×1200 – Up to 3640×600 or 800×3560 custom resolution
  • Refresh Rate:
    Up to 120
  • Inputs:
    HDMI 1.4
  • Outputs:
    6xGigabit ethernet, 10G optical, HDMI loop, SPDIF
  • Control:
    Dual ethernet, VMP

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