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George Ray

George Ray

LED Solutionist

Hey, I’m George, the LED Solutionist at Evolve! I love working with manufacturers to influence the next great product for the events industry.

About George

George Ray’s love of the audio/visual industry started in high school theater and drama. In college, he ran his dorm’s sound system and worked at the campus radio station. After landing some smaller gigs, George moved to Florida to work as an entertainment technician for Disney. He then took a job at Total Audio Visual Services. George spent nine years there, pioneering moving, widescreen, and large format video images, computer switching, and seamless switching. He became the Video QC Director for LMG and was promoted to head of R&D. He implemented LED touring systems, lighting systems, fiber optic networks, and media servers. In 2018, he joined Evolve but took a brief hiatus in 2021 to create LED stages for Vu Studios. He returned to Evolve in 2023 as the LED solutionist. He’s uniquely capable for this role because he’s spent the last 13 years laser-focused on LEDs. His 40 years of experience helps him support clients even if they say, “We’ve never seen this before, but can you do it?” If he’s not working, you can find him baking, or enjoying a local (taco) spot.

George’s Day to Day

George loves that none of his days look the same. Sometimes he’s walking a trade show to find new gear. Or traveling to another country to look at a manufacturing plant. He also teaches classes on LED software for our academy. While he doesn’t do shows anymore, he helps our clients with pre-production and pre-planning so they get the products they need. He supports our sales team with quoting equipment to fit the needs of the clients. He’s also always happy to remote in when a tech can’t figure out a configuration. He doesn’t have a normal sleep schedule, so if you need something, he’s probably up. His most memorable gig included 28 separate screens, with 28 separate computers that all needed to run one slide show. With the press of a button, they needed to trigger 28 slide shows all offset by one slide as the presenter walked around the room on a runway. Also, the audience was on swivel chairs to follow along. It took two engineers several days with no sleep to make it work, but it was worth it.

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