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Theatrixx xPressCue

Failure is not an option in the pro-AV industry

Awesome Features

  • Dedicated hardware for seamless 4K playback
  • Cascadable
  • Supports nearly all common video, picture and audio formats.
  • Next-generation SSD drive for quick loading.
  • High-speed USB 3.0 port for fast file transfer.

The xPressCue is a compact 1 RU media player that can handle all of the standard formats and resolutions. It’s a rock solid unit that is meant to reduce the complexity while increasing reliability. It has many different control options including web GUI and Stream Deck.
Failure is not an option in the pro-AV industry

Manufacture Notes

When it comes to media playback, most professional solutions available today are either laptop-based, or media-server based. This often comes with a slew of reliability issues and a steep learning curve. The Theatrixx xPressCue is a hardware device that addresses the playback needs of the video, lighting and audio professionals and has currently no equivalent on the market. This new media player, designed and manufactured by Theatrixx, has a large onboard, flash-based, storage capacity. It can recognize and play most known video, audio and image files with a minimal loading delay. The device is equipped with the necessary hardware and software to make switching between two clips instant and seamless. Failure is not an option in the pro-AV industry and so every precaution is taken on the hardware and software side to guarantee a continued smooth operation. The device is also housed in a durable rackmount 1U enclosure, equipped with professional, locking connectors. The xPressCue can be controlled in several ways, including its on-board OLED display and encoder wheel, web-based interface, DMX and more. External devices such as Elgato Stream Decks can also be connected directly to the media player for increased possibilities.

Why this Solution

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