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Evolve Expands Relationship with Theatrixx with the Addition of New LED Display and Media Player Now Available in the US

(March 8th, 2022) – Evolve Technology has expanded its partnership with Montreal-based Theatrixx Technologies by adding two new products to its inventory of Theatrixx equipment for sale, rent and lease in the US.

The new products are the innovative, North American-designed xVision Nomad 2.6mm indoor LED display and a first-of-its-kind hardware-based media player, the xPressCue. They join Evolve’s roster of Theatrixx video converters, power distribution equipment and the 2.5mm LED Totem, which have been available for the past year.

Evolve is the launch customer for the xVision Nomad 2.6mm indoor LED display; it is the first company to take orders for and offer an inventory of those new LED panels for US clients.

“Our new 2.6mm display is the first to feature TPEP (Titanium and Polymer Edge Protection) technology that offers unparalleled LED protection ” explains Jacques Tessier, CEO of Theatrixx Technologies. “Most LED products below 4mm are fragile and therefore often viewed as a short-term investment., We are proud to introduce TPEP technology and bring a definitive solution to this problem. In addition, our new LED is one of the first with a 7,680Hz refresh rate. This means it has a greater dynamic range and color depth and can it therefore be used successfully for XR production.”

“Evolve is known for bringing new and innovative products to market that will hold up to the rigors of the road and prove to be more reliable on site,” says Evolve CEO Tyler Mayne. “Theatrixx’s new LED is robust and reliable with a workhorse cabinet. We have tested it and believe it will be a very roadworthy LED display for many applications. With a fine pixel pitch of 2.6mm it’s right in the sweet spot for the rental staging market.”

The new Theatrixx xPressCue is a hardware device, housed in a durable rack mount 1U enclosure, that addresses the playback needs of Live Event professionals and currently has no equivalent on the market. It supports nearly all commonly used video, image and audio formats and features instant playback, a next-generation SSD drive for quick loading, a high-speed USB 3.0 port for fast file transfer and dedicated hardware for seamless 4K playback. In addition, the xPressCue is easy to use with no computer required for setup or operation; it offers control via its on-board OLED display and encoder, web-based interface, DMX and more plus native integration with Elgato StreamDeck controllers.

“Our xPressCue is a revolutionary, dedicated hardware product that finally brings a reliable, easy to use playback solution to the market,” says Tessier. “A big advantage of the system is its very easy learning curve, and the several ways it can be operated, making it a very flexible device. We spent a lot of time refining it to ensure maximum reliability, making it the ideal device for presentations requiring the highest level of content security and safety. .”

“The Theatrixx xPressCue has already been very well received by our customers,” reports Mayne. “It’s rugged and simple to operate with a GUI that’s very easy to use.”

Expanding its Theatrixx equipment roster reaffirms the strong relationship that Evolve and Theatrixx have forged, Mayne notes. “It’s one thing to re-sell a product but we invest in what we’re selling and that shows we wholeheartedly believe in Theatrixx’s products,” he says. “Theatrixx stands behind its products designed and built in Canada and is very approachable with feedback and ideas for product enhancements and development. We’re excited to take advantage of all of Evolve’s business arms – sales, rentals and leasing – to build a 360º relationship with Theatrixx and its products.”

Tessier reports that, “Despite the volatility of the pandemic market, we’ve enjoyed a very good first year with Evolve. The goals of both of our companies are very similar so our partnership has been an extremely good fit from the beginning.”

About Theatrixx Technologies

Theatrixx is a manufacturer and distributor of technical equipment serving the performing arts, events, and live entertainment industries.

Their team is driven by a passion to enable talent to go beyond limits, whatever the sector.

Theatrixx knows the events business comes with extraordinary technical challenges.
Their purpose-built products are designed in-house to maximize reliability and usability in the real-life conditions faced by customers in the industry.

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Evolve Technology
March 12, 2022