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Ground Support Setup Tutorial for the Theatrixx Nomad 2.6mm Tile

Ground Support Setup Tutorial for the Theatrixx Nomad 2.6mm Tile

February 22, 2023
February 22, 2023

LED technician Josh Richardson walks through the safe and quickest way to set up the ground support for the Exact Solutions ground support designed for the Theatriss Nomad 2.6mm LED tile.


So we’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to use our exact solutions ground support system for our theatrics Nomad 2.6 tile. So we wanted to put this video together to show you guys how to properly and safely build it. First off, we got the double base, we got the single base, we have the ladder, the vertical support arm.

The small bracket that uses on the double base larger bracket. For the single base, we have the bolts. These are the bolts that go on the corners of the tile, depending on the double base or single base. Then these brackets will attach to the ladder and then onto the tile. Over these bolt, we have the ski.

We have the long extension that is used on the backside of the ski for a wall that is nine tiles or higher. We have the short extension off the ski for a wall that is up to eight tiles high. Then we have a single foot that goes on the on the corner of each wall, on the double base. The tools you’ll need is a five millimeter and a six millimeter Allen.

So for building the ground support, using the double base. There’s a center line on the backside of this base that lines up with the center marker on the ski. That’ll help you line up the holes easy and it’ll drop into place. You’ll take your five millimeter Allen key and secure the base down onto the ski.

The single foot is used on each side of the wall. On the double base, just line up these holes on the backside that uses that same five millimeter Allen.

And like I said, you only need one on the very end of each side of the wall. Next, you’ll take your short extension that is used for a wall that is up to eight tiles high. Slides into the back of the ski just like this. This pin slides in to secure it into place. All you do is type next, you’ll add the ladder, adding the ladder to the ski.

Simply place it down in here. Take these pins and then go into these holes.

And then just tighten down the wing nut.

When placing the ladder into the ski, you wanna make sure that these bracket mounts are facing towards the back of the wall because these brackets install here, which then attach to the back of the tile, which I’ll show you in in a second. Next, you’re gonna take this vertical support arm. That attaches to the backside of the, the extension, secure it with the pin.

And this goes up to the ladder. The vertical support arm lines up with the hole in the ladder and the pin, the, so on the ladder there are two bracket mounts per ladder. I usually like to use the top one. You don’t need, you don’t need to use both of them. You need to take your bolts, put one bolt into the corner of each tile,

just finger tight. You don’t need to wrench ’em down. Take your bracket, slide it into the top bracket mount, which then slides over the bolts to secure it, and moving forward, this safety coter pin then slides into the bottom of the bracket. To secure it from coming out. So the bracket for the single base is a little different.

You can tell it’s wider. The bolts go into the corners of one tile,

and then just like when using a double base, slide it to the top mounting bracket. And over the tile to help it Now go forward. Same thing. Put the cotter pin in, secure it for coming up.