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Panasonic PT-RQ35K

World’s Smallest and Lightest 30,000 lm 3-Chip DLP™ 4K Projector* Streamlines Workflow Management

Awesome Features

  • Laser 3-chip DLP, 35,000 lumens, 4K
  • liquid cooling system for 20,000 hours maintenance free operation
  • Two blue and one red laser module expands color-gamut reproduction

With 30k class projectors becoming the new norm for large venue events, the Panasonic RQ35 hits the mark on all fronts; color reproduction, control, form factor, brightness, and ease of use. A workhorse projector that is sure to get the job done.
Large Venue, Live Events
World’s Smallest and Lightest 30,000 lm 3-Chip DLP™ 4K Projector* Streamlines Workflow Management

Manufacture Notes

Revolutionize Projection with Streamlined Workflow Despite its high brightness and jaw-dropping image quality, PT-RQ35K is the lightest 3-Chip DLP™ 4K projector in its class and can be carried by two people, saving resources. Spellbinding Picture Quality Two blue and one red laser expand color-space by 114 %*1. Vivid reds and deep, natural blues heighten realism and help create an immersive projection experience faithful to the artist’s intent. Original Cooling System for Projection Stability Cooling system and finless radiator reinforce reliability over 20,000 hours*2 of maintenance-free operation. Backup input and laser failover circuitry maintain image display in mission-critical situations. With a body 40 %*1 smaller than the PT-RQ32K and footprint approximate to the PT-RQ22K, PT-RQ35K Series is easily carried by two people. Setup on AC 100–120 V*2 minimizes delays while AC 200–240 V is rolled out. Preactivated upgrade kits for Geo Pro*3 expedite multi-screen calibration. You can check content on PC screen prior to projection via Remote Preview even while the projector is in Standby.

Why this Solution

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Tech Specs

  • Brightness:
    35000 Lumens
  • Light Source:
    Red Blue Laser Phosphor
  • Resolution:
    3840 x 2400 Quad Pixel Drive
  • Inputs:
    2x 12G SDI, Quad 3G SDI, HDMI 2.0, Digital Link
  • Weight:
    86.4 Kg With Frame
  • Power:
    2550 W Max
  • Dimensions:
    750 x 540 x 883 mm In Frame

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