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Universal Media Server

Unlock Unparalleled Live Event Experiences with Preloaded Power or Blank Slate Brilliance for Endless Possibilities!

Awesome Features

  • Powerful
  • 4K
  • Multiple Softwares
  • High Bandwidth

The Universal Media Server from Evolve Technology is the epitome of a high-performance, all-in-one solution for the live events industry. With powerful hardware, industry-leading software, and custom-built expertise, it sets a new standard for media servers, offering unparalleled capabilities and reliability for your most demanding events.
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Unlock Unparalleled Live Event Experiences with Preloaded Power or Blank Slate Brilliance for Endless Possibilities!

Manufacture Notes

These media servers are custom made for Evolve Technology.

Why this Solution

Evolve Technology: Universal Media Server – Your All-in-One Solution for Live Events

In the dynamic landscape of live events, where cutting-edge technology meets seamless execution, Evolve Technology introduces the Universal Media Server – a revolutionary product designed specifically for the live events industry. This all-encompassing solution is preloaded with industry-leading software, ensuring that it stands out as the ultimate ‘one box to rule them all.’

Key Features:

Powerful Processing: Equipped with the formidable Ryzen Threadripper 3970x processor, the Universal Media Server ensures a robust and powerful performance that can handle the most demanding live event scenarios. This processing prowess is complemented by an ample 64GB of memory, guaranteeing smooth operation and rapid multitasking capabilities.

High-Performance Graphics: The NVIDIA Quadro RTX6000 GPU with 24GB of dedicated memory and NVIDIA T1000 GUI card deliver unparalleled graphics performance, capable of rendering in stunning 4K resolution. This ensures that your live events are not only flawlessly executed but also visually captivating, meeting the highest standards of quality.

Storage and Speed: With a 500GB OS drive and a spacious 2TB for data storage, the Universal Media Server provides the necessary capacity to store and manage large media files seamlessly. The inclusion of 10G network capability ensures high bandwidth, enabling rapid data transfer and minimizing latency during live broadcasts.

Preloaded Industry-Leading Software:

We understand that every live event is unique, and the Universal Media Server is designed to cater to a diverse range of requirements. While it comes preloaded with a robust suite of industry-leading software, such as Unreal Engine, Resolume, Pixera, watchout, and PTZ auto tracking, we also offer a versatile blank slate solution.

Preloaded or Tailored: Whether you prefer the convenience of a preloaded system with top-tier software ready to go, or you envision a more tailored solution that aligns precisely with your event’s specific needs, the Universal Media Server has you covered.

Professional Inputs: Featuring a Blackmagic DeckLink 8K card, this media server ensures compatibility with high-resolution sources, allowing for the integration of top-tier video and audio equipment.

Custom-Built Expertise: Custom built by our media server solutions expert, Joaquin Martinez, the Universal Media Server reflects a deep understanding of the live events industry’s unique demands. With Joaquin’s expertise, the product is not just a piece of hardware but a tailored solution crafted to meet the specific needs of event professionals.

Convenient Form Factor: Housed in a 4RU chassis, the Universal Media Server is designed for convenience, ensuring that it can be seamlessly integrated into existing setups without taking up excessive space.

Contact Joaquin Martinez: For inquiries and further information about the Universal Media Server, feel free to reach out to Joaquin Martinez directly at His expertise ensures that any questions or customization requirements are addressed with precision and professionalism.


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Tech Specs

  • Processor:
    Ryzen Threadripper 3970x
  • Memory:
  • Storage:
    500GB OS, 2TB Data
  • GPU:
    NVIDIA Quadro RTX6000 24GB
  • Sync:
    NVIDIA Quadro Sync II
  • GPU 2:
    NVIDIA T1000 GUI Card
  • Inputs:
    BM DeckLink 8K
  • Dimensions:
  • Network:

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