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Joaquin Martinez

Joaquin Martinez

Solutionist – Media Servers and Playback

Hey, I’m Joaquin, the Media Servers Solutionist at Evolve! I love finding solutions for our clients, and sharing my knowledge with the next generation of event professionals.

About Joaquin

Joaquin has been in the events industry professionally for 15 years. So, he’s had his hand in a little bit of everything. He started installing video projection systems for movie theaters. Then he moved to screenings for movie studios. He transitioned to corporate AV, world touring, installations, and projection mapping activations when he left the movie screens behind. Then, he came to Evolve. Joaquin joined Evolve because he wanted to work with the latest and greatest equipment, and to share his knowledge with our academy. Joaquin is the perfect fit for our Media Server Solutionist role given his wide range of experience. His thorough listening and patience ensures he fully understands an issue before taking action. Then, he uses his experience to guide clients to solutions for their problems. When he’s not helping a client at Evolve, or working on a new class for our students, he’s bowling, a hobby he picked up in the pandemic.

Joaquin’s Day to Day

Joaquin’s day to day always looks a little different. He supports clients, students in our academy, and Evolve. When Joaquin works with clients, he helps them get the right equipment for their needs. He’s hands on, and eager to find great solutions. He also answers questions for our sales team and vendors. At the academy, he develops media server course curriculum. You can also find him in our shop, sharing his knowledge about machine capabilities with fellow employees. Joaquin loves working on everything from small creative concepts and development projects to stadium wide activations. He takes into consideration the unique needs of every event, and the people running it. Then, he executes to make their vision a reality. His most memorable gig was when he produced a Surf and Skate Event Contest and had the opportunity to bring his sons along. Watching his kids run around with cameras felt like he was passing the torch – it was one of the best weekends they’ve ever had! Ask him about the Kardashian hologram in Tahiti if you ever see him at an event!

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