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Kevin Ring

Kevin Ring

National Director of Technology

Hey, I’m Kevin, the National Director of Technology at Evolve! I love helping Evolve stay ahead of the curve by proactively testing equipment and working with manufacturers.

About Kevin

Throughout Kevin’s 15 years in AV, he’s seen the shift from analog to digital, to HD, to 4K. He did AV in high school and college. Afterwards he got an opportunity to work at Meeting Services Inc driving trucks. When he left five years later to freelance, he was their senior video technician. During that time he took a class at the Evolve Academy and fell in love with the company. Three months later, we hired him as our first Solutions Specialist. From 2016 to 2021, Kevin grew with the solutions team. He became the senior solutions manager for image processing and new media. He loved that no two days were the same and included searching for odd items for upcoming shows, testing equipment, and teaching at the Academy. In 2021, Kevin left Evolve to pursue other educational opportunities. After running into the Evolve team at the 2023 Infocomm, he decided to come back. By 2024, he rejoined our team as the National Director of Technology. His role today is also versatile. Kevin works on LED, image processing, projection, media servers, and more. In his spare time, he builds a pre-programmed, synchronized Christmas light display, including 20,000 incandescent lights and 1,600 pixels. Or, he spends time with his son.

Kevin’s Day to Day

Kevin does a little bit of everything for Evolve, including tech support, line diagrams for upcoming shows, and teaching at the Academy. His biggest job is to discover emerging trends and ensure Evolve is ahead of the curve and cutting edge. He helps us ensure that we can stand behind every product we carry. He embodies our motto, “Every detail, every time.” Kevin works diligently on research, development beta-testing, sharing results with manufacturers and requesting changes to create exceptional gear technicians will love. He’s perfect for his role because he wants to know how to operate every piece of equipment we have. He helps clients find products that align with their needs. Kevin excels at visualizing how pieces of equipment interact and come together. At first he may tell you his most memorable gig is working on San Diego Comic Con over the last 13 years. His real favorite was working with our founder, Tyler, on the Tech Forward Breakfast at Infocomm. If you get on a call with him, ask him about finding an authentic 1983 Ms. Pac Man and Donkey Kong Jr for a show.

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