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AT3 3.75mm

20% More Brightness

Awesome Features

  • Up to 90° angles
  • Sturdy

The AT3 is a convenient and robust tile that supports unique and expansive builds. Capable of 90° angles and more, these panels provide a high quality, creative, and budget friendly product to the market.
Large Venue LED
20% More Brightness

Manufacture Notes

Introducing the ULTRA LIGHT and ULTRA FAST Polaris Series: Featuring an Advanced Lightweight Carbon Fiber Frame & Magnesium Panels with corner blocks for easy hanging, stacking, and dolly systems. Enjoy Creative Curvability up to +/-15 convex and concave curves, thanks to the corner blocks, which also support 90-degree corner screen configurations. Our Tour Frames & Carts are equipped with fast latching, lightweight carbon fiber frames, and built-in climbing ladders. Experience increased contrast and enhanced viewability in all indoor and outdoor environments. DRIVING HIGH RESOLUTION BLACK LED AT ULTRA HIGH BRIGHTNESS: Utilizing Absen Common Cathode Technology, the Polaris Series offers:

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