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Your Virtual Production Gear Solution

Evolve Technology

What is Canvas?

Virtual production gear you need to successfully execute your next film project.

Canvas by Evolve Technology in addition to our virtual production solutions, our xR technology solutions will help you create an experience that rivals reality. Through high-performance LED display technology, cutting-edge camera & object tracking, and advanced media server technology-we’re able to support your creative vision. Whether it’s a volume set or extended reality, we will take your vision to a whole new realm.

Media Servers

Media Servers make all of the virtual production technology come together. They are the glue to combine LED, camera tracking, and content generation together. An industry-established workflow in the media server world is key for making the gear sing in the hands of a production crew. We offer the best and most powerful options to create the heart of your virtual production project.

Unreal Engine

The world’s most advanced real-time 3D creation platform that has set the standard in video games for years is now being used for virtual productions. Although this platform is free to use, it requires massive amounts of computing power, and trained technicians to operate it properly.

Image Processor

Using the industry’s top image processing designed with virtual production in mind, you can be sure that your image quality looks as good as the creative team intended. LED processing or general Image Processing, we have you covered with the best options for your needs.


Choosing LED for Virtual Production (VP) and Extended Reality (XR) applications can be tricky. There are many variables such as pixel pitch, pixel fill ratio, IC driver configuration, and brightness to consider. The LED technology can make or break a virtual production project. Evolve has researched the best options and we have custom-made solutions that look amazing on camera.

LED Ceiling

Using the correct LED technology to create reflections and environmental lighting effects through a ceiling installation is key to an amazing virtual production volume. We have the right technology to fit these needs, bright enough for the proper effect at the pixel pitch needed to look amazing.

Camera & Motion Tracking

Stable, predictable, and reliable camera tracking technology is what makes amazing virtual production projects possible. Using the correct camera tracking technology is key for turning a shoot created in a graphics engine and displayed on LED into a convincing scene from the eye of the camera. Evolve Technology has the best options available at our fingertips for your project and can support your needs, regardless of how big or demanding they might be.

Our Canvas, Your Vision

Let’s be honest. This is a lot! Tons of new technology crammed into a studio and the success of your production hinges on every detail down to the pixel. Now that is pressure, and we feel the weight when our gear is out in the field. This is why we built a team of industry experts. We call them our Solutionists. When you rent, buy, or learn any piece of gear from Evolve, you are getting our team of experts every step of the way. Don’t know where to start? Our solutionists can help plan and build a solution custom to your unique production needs.

The Evolve Difference

We believe in an end-to-end immersive experience that goes
exactly as planned, each and every time. Because in our industry,
there are no second-takes.

Partner With Us

When you partner with us—our know-how,
industry connections and countless years
of experience are always yours for the taking.

Defining Success In Virtual Productions


At Evolve we measure our success with our client’s success. It’s our mission to grow your business stronger by offering technology that is the best solution, not just the newest.

Virtual productions have taken the industry by storm, but very few are making it easy for their clients.

We aim to fix that.

Vossler Media Group is doing amazing things in the virtual production space and we are honored to be there every step of the way!

Our Brands

01 AV Stumpfl Premium quality components
02 Analog Way Leader in digital
03 AJA An industry leader in the video and broadcast market
04 Barco Inspired sight & sharing solutions
05 Disguise Creatives & technologists to imagine
06 Mo-Sys Leader in Virtual Production Solutions
07 Panasonic Technology that move us
08 Novastar Global leading LED display solutions
09 Stype Cutting Edge Camera Tracking Technology
10 Brompton Dynamic calibration
11 Theatrixx Innovative devices and systems
12 Pixera 64-bit system for real-time media processing
13 Exact Solutions


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