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Show Girls Gallery at the AVIXA Women’s Council Orlando Kick-Off

April 20, 2022
April 20, 2022

Celebrating the Women of Live Events:
Evolve commissioned Orlando photographer, Rich Johnson, to conduct a photo series and interview of 5 female technicians from the live events industry. The project started from a simple observation, “we noticed a serious lack of representation of women within the industry”, said Tyler Mayne, CEO. Evolve pursued the project intent on accomplishing three goals.

The first and most important goal of this project is to champion women in the industry by telling their stories. It is not uncommon for a woman to be the only female on show site, this is especially true of women techs. It’s a very intimidating reality for women on show. Fortunately, the women that took part in this project not only pushed past that discomfort, but they found a way to thrive in it. This makes their stories incredibly powerful and educational for women entering the field and offers them insight in how to accomplish the same. Here is a highlight from the Show Girls Launch event.

Secondly, we are hoping that by highlighting these technicians it will start a much-needed discussion about why there are so few women in this industry, and what we can do as a community to change that. To move closer to this goal we recently partnered with Absen to host an event which was the first ever meeting for the new AVIXA Women’s Council Orlando Group. This event was also the formal launch for our Show Girls project. We had a panel of women techs that discussed some of the challenges they have faced and how they overcame them. The panel then opened up to a Q&A session with the audience which was very engaging and passionate, you can watch the panel discussion below.

Finally, we recognize that this industry is mostly unknown to those that aren’t in it. You either got into this industry by accident or knew someone in the biz. When kids in high school are talking to their guidance counselors about career options, a career in live events doesn’t come up. This is despite the fact that there are endless verticals within the industry to pave a career, from marketing and sales, to project management and of course technicians and engineers. This is an industry in which you can travel the world and make a great living, with or without a college degree.