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Disguise OmniCal Wired Kit

Power for projection

Awesome Features

OmniCal is a camera based calibration system used with projection mapping. This kit gives you the ability to create a point cloud system, alter meshes, and color match across multiple units.
Power for projection

Manufacture Notes

A camera-based projector calibration system, OmniCal quickly captures a point cloud of your stage, accurately calibrates projectors to sub-pixel accuracy, and conforms pre-existing surface meshes to match reality. Structured light OmniCal uses structured light patterns to calibrate the relationship between projection surfaces, projectors and cameras. The captured images are used to construct a 3D representation of projection surfaces as a point cloud. If projectors have been moved, recalibrate in a single click. The Mesh Deform tool adapts the 3D Model to match the real world, using the point cloud data. Scalable OmniCal can dramatically improve projection quality and setup time, even for the most complex setups. Calibrate 360° projection environments – giving you the scalability you need for a show of any size.
Powerful hardware Key to the powerful software, is the powerful disguise OmniCal camera hardware. It comes pre-configured and licensed allowing you to use it seamlessly with the disguise software.

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