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Robert Huskey

Robert Huskey

Chief Executive Officer

Hello, I’m Robert (call me Bob), the CEO at Evolve. I’ve been a part of the live events industry for almost 40 years. I am passionate about leading the talented group here at Evolve.

About Robert

Bob’s career started with a 2-year service electronics degree and a move to Minneapolis to find a job. There were three doors to a business he was interviewing at. Luckily, he walked through the wrong door. The rental department was also hiring, and they paid .50 cents more an hour than the service position. At 20 years old, this seemed like an easy decision. Since then, Bob has worked in almost every role in the live events industry. He’s worked in the warehouse and as a delivery driver. He was the director of an in-house AV property, has been a show tech, and managed operations. He knows audio, lighting, video, and multi-image (which was used when there wasn’t video). Bob has “been there, done that” for just about everything, including hiring a Lear jet to fly a piece of equipment on a Sunday night to save a client’s show. When Tyler founded Evolve, Bob was employee #4. He’s been with Evolve for 11 ½ years in multiple roles. After Tyler’s passing, Bob became the CEO. Thrust into leading Evolve, Bob played to his strengths and empowered employees to bring up ideas to make Evolve better. He then uses his 30+ years of experience to discern what the best options are, and how to make them happen. He always inspires his team to never settle for “good enough”. Outside of the office you can find him in Columbia shorts and a fishing shirt, grilling, spending time with his family, catching fish with his wife, or on the golf course with some of his friends and coworkers.

Robert’s Day to Day

At his core, Bob is a show tech. Clients can call him stressed about a 2AM load at the Waldorf, and he can help them navigate shuffling loads from a semi into downtown Manhattan. When leading Evolve, Bob lives and dies by his to-do list and checks everything off each day. Evolve employees come to him with ideas. He’ll consider through opportunities, zero in on what’s most impactful, and find a way to make them happen. Throughout the day, you can find him walking the warehouse and checking in with his staff. In a pinch, he’ll hop on a fork lift or help load a truck. He also mans the grill at employee cookouts. His most memorable event was for the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America in Minneapolis. There were 15,000 attendees. In the middle of the third day, the audio guy got food poisoning. Robert jumped in to manage the 30+ microphones at the event with an audio consul longer than his arm span. As the audio guy threw up at his feet he heard someone yelling, “Robbie?! Is that Robbie?” When he looked up, he saw his grandma in the crowd shouting his name!

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