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Trew Rickers and Nathan Alar Join the Evolve Team

Evolve Media Group is excited to announce the addition of Trew Rickers and Nathan Alar to the Evolve family, who combined bring over 3 decades of industry experience and expertise to the Evolve team. Trew Rickers joins Evolve as their Executive Vice President. Trew’s passion for the industry and years of experience made him a standout candidate, but it’s his commitment to top-notch customer service that makes him the perfect fit for the job. Trew is committed to helping Evolve grow the right way, expanding the company without sacrificing the things that make it great. Tyler Mayne said, “Trew is a respected thought leader in this industry and understands the industry better than anyone I have ever met

Nathan Alar is the new Director of Operations for Las Vegas. He brings 12+ years of experience in the industry with him to Evolve. Nathan is extremely dedicated to providing the highest levels of customer support to his clients and works tirelessly to take care of their needs. Tyler Mayne acknowledged, “Nate is extremely dedicated, hardworking, and brings a wealth of knowledge to the team”. This is an exciting time for Evolve as they continue to grow their business and team. Because of their unique business model, dedication to customer service, and amazing team, they are in an excellent position for future growth

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Evolve Technology
September 7, 2018