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First to Invest in Absen’s Altair LED Series

Orlando, Florida, USA (March 26, 2019) – Evolve is celebrating its first full year of partnership with Absen Inc., a global leader in LED display solutions, as their Value-Added Distributor (VAD) for Rental and Staging LED solutions. The partnership started with Evolve’s initial investment in 1,000 M2.9 Indoor Mobile LED panels, 500 of which are available in Evolve’s rental inventory.  Evolve’s customers have been pleased with the performance and reliability of Absen products and the “value add” services that Evolve offers, such as, service, support, training, and a large rental stock of matching LED products 

As the relationship continues to grow, so too does Evolve’s inventory of Absen LED solutions and the supporting services they provide for their LED customers. Some of the most exciting LED news this year is the announcement that Evolve is the official launch customer for Absen’s Altair Series. The Evolve team is excited to bring a total of 1,000 tiles of the indoor Altair 3.75mm LED solution into its’ growing inventory. Evolve Solutionist and LED guru, George Ray said, “The Absen Altair is a lightweight and creative LED cabinet. Its 45-degree mitered edge makes every Altair capable of perfect 90-degree corners, out of the box. These features make the Altair ideal for column surrounds and exhibit booth facia.”  

In addition to the Altair Series, Evolve has also invested in more than 1,700 tiles of the Polaris 2.5Pro tilesadding them to their rental and distribution inventories. Already in stock, the Polaris 2.5Pro is ready to impress Evolve’s customers at their upcoming events and showsEvolve’s CEO, Tyler Mayne, sees the Altair and Polaris tiles as a dynamic duo that work together. According to Mayne,“The Absen Altair 3.75mm and Polaris 2.5Pro LED tiles will give us a solid product offering to cover most of our customer’s needs and help them wow their audiences!”   

Absen and Evolve also worked together to create an LED class for technicians, the Absen Certified Technician or ACT class; making it easier than ever to be formally trained and certified on Absen LED. Evolve’s mantra is Rent, Buy, Learn, and you can do all three with Absen LED through Evolve.  


About Evolve

Evolve is a technology-focused sales, rental, and leasing company headquartered in Orlando, FL with offices in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Dallas, Texas. Evolve provides reliable support to their customers through their Quality Control, Service, and Solutionist teams. They are a vanguard training and education epicenter for the industry. Evolve’s Philosophy is to be the covert video department working behind the scenes to help their customers grow their business.  

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About Absen Inc.

Absen Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of Absen, is a leading LED display manufacturer with headquarters in Orlando, FL. With hundreds of installations across the USA, Absen has quickly become the LED manufacturer of choice for a variety of prestigious projects. Highlights include sporting venues for the NBA, MLS, and NBC; casino installations for MGM Grand and Caesars Palace; premier events including the Ultra Music Festival, Comic-con, and the Emmys; and digital signage in the heart of NYC’s Times Square.  

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Evolve Technology
March 26, 2019