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Orlando, FL, December 19, 2019 — U.S.-based technology supplier Evolve has recently added Panasonic’s new flagship PT-RQ50KU 3-Chip DLP® Laser Projector to its projector portfolio.  Combining native 4K resolution at 50,000 lumens of brightness with separate red and blue SOLID SHINE laser-phosphor technology, the PT-RQ50KU projector delivers vibrant, pure and powerful color reproduction, providing eye-catching visuals for a truly immersive audience experience.

Evolve is committed to offering an all 4K inventory to its customers. In addition to the PT-RQ50K, Evolve has also invested in 50 PT-RQ22K 20,000-lumen-class 4K+ projectors and 20 AK-UC4000 4K HDR & HD Studio Camera Systemsfrom Panasonic.

This isn’t the first time Evolve has made a commitment of this magnitude. Before laser projection became the status quo, Evolve invested heavily in a laser fleet from Panasonic and committed to having a lamp-free inventory within one year of that investment. They did just that and led the way to laser for the live events industry. Today Evolve offers an all-laser fleet to its customers.

Panasonic projectors offer exceptional reliability, durability and industry-leading image quality. Evolve’s CEO Tyler Mayne said, “Today, we are pleased to announce a significant investment in the PT-RQ50K. The RQ50K’s compact, all-in-one body brings significant workflow advantages with simplified transport and installation, which is especially important when working under time constraints. A single PT-RQ50KU offers the potential of eliminating the need to stack projectors.  Reliability is further enhanced with dual solid-state drives, backup video inputs, while the projector’s hermetically sealed optics and filter-less design contribute to up to 20,000 hours of maintenance-free projection, even in severe and challenging situations.”

Evolve Solutionist and Projection Expert Elijah Loeffel said, “I’m impressed at how much Panasonic packed into a relatively small form factor. The RQ50 gives ‘next level’ image quality with native 4k resolution and combination red/blue lasers. It’s also powered on a standard 208 drop at less than 20 amps!”

“Creating exciting, engaging and immersive experiences was a major focus for us when designing the PT-RQ50KU. It delivers outstanding brightness and image quality allowing customers in the entertainment space to push the limits of experience-oriented projection,” said John Baisley, senior vice president, Professional Imaging & Visual Systems, Panasonic Systems Solutions Company of North America. “We’ve set a new benchmark in projection technology with the introduction of the PT-RQ50KU projector and we’re delighted Evolve has added the PT-RQ50 to its projector portfolio.”

Tyler Mayne concluded, “The needs of our customers are constantly changing and evolving, 2020 is shaping up to be the start of an exciting decade for the live events industry. We intend to be our customers’ trusted technology partner every step of the way.”


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Evolve Technology
December 17, 2019