An LED Tech is a Lighting Tech and Here’s Why

I consider an LED technician to be a lighting tech, rather than a video tech. As crazy as this may sound, to some, here is my explanation: As a lighting tech, one is limited to a specific number of fixtures per universe. The same applies to LED walls. With LED walls, a tech is limited to 655,360 pixels per Cat 5 run or a “universe” in lighting lingo. With LED panels, we daisy chain data and power, like lighting, and we are limited to a specific number of fixtures or panels, per power and data run. Also, like lighting, we can use a 208 or 110 as a power source.


In my opinion, LED panels are lighting fixtures. Each fixture is comprised of lit pixels. Each pixel contains individual Red, Green, & Blue light sources. For example, if you are using a 3.9 mm panel, in a 500mm x 500mm configuration, each panel will contain, 16,384 pixels, producing light from a much smaller R, G, & B pixel to reproduce the video signal being sent to the processors. In essence, there are 49,152 light sources reproducing a video signal on a single 3.9mm LED panel.

As for a Video Tech, one uses an E2, S3, a Spyder, or a media server of some kind to send the video signal to an LED wall, confidence monitor, DSM’s, or projectors, etc… A Video Tech creates the pixel space parameters for content, to be displayed on the LED Wall and other video replication sources, based on the client’s needs.


“Props to Clem Harrod, Melvin LeGrand, John Smith, Joel Rodrigues, & Steve. Some of the coolest Cats I have ever worked with!“


I have great respect for Projectionists. I was actually going to become a Projectionist however, I found LED and never looked back. Projectionists use different technology, compared to LED Techs, to blend, converge, focus, adjust keystone, warp, etc… Especially when large format widescreens and multi-surface mapping are involved, which are VERY impressive. In my opinion, Projectionists are some of the most patient people in our industry that I have ever encountered. Props to Clem Harrod, Melvin LeGrand, John Smith, Joel Rodrigues, & Steve. Some of the coolest Cats I have ever worked with! Tex was awestruck when he visited the Grand Canyon.

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