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Barco, the Belgian technology manufacturer that specializes in digital projection and imaging technology recently announced a new national distributor, Evolve. 

Evolve is an Orlando based company, with offices in Dallas TX and Las Vegas NV, that distributes and leases video equipment for the live events industry. Evolve also provides industry-leading training programs to prepare new technicians for a career in live events and help existing technicians hone their craft to stay competitive in an industry that’s constantly changing. 

 Evolve’s CEO Tyler Mayne explains how the partnership with Barco has grown over the years: 

“The relationship between Barco and Evolve started over 13 years ago with the investment in our first inventory item, the Screen Pro II. Barco has been a trusted partner of Evolves for many years and one that we can always count on to design industry-leading products that have a long shelf live and offer great ROI. I am very pleased to be expanding our partnership with Barco and excited at the opportunity to provide a new level of value-add services to our customers” 

With more than 80 years of experience, Barco is a leader in the field of projection and image processing. It’s no wonder Evolve is investing so heavily in the new F80-4K and UDM 4K22 laser 4K DLP projectors.  

Tim Kuschel, Evolve’s VP of Technology and Education had this to say of Barco, “As Barco continues to add products to the Event Master series, we plan to be right in step, offering them to our customers. With the amount of Barco image processing that moves through our Rental and Distribution operations, it seems a natural progression to offer the value add of Service.”    

Evolve is also excited to offer warranty and non-warranty service for select Barco Projection and Image Processing products. This service will begin in the Fall of 2019 and will be offered exclusively to customers who purchase their products through Evolve. 


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Evolve is a technology-focused sales, rental, and leasing company headquartered in Orlando, FL with offices in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Dallas, Texas. Evolve provides reliable support to their customers through their Quality Control, Service, and Solutionist teams. They are a vanguard training and education epicenter for the industry. Evolve’s Philosophy is to be the covert video department working behind the scenes to help their customers grow their business.   


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