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Absen Led

Absen Altair



  • Advanced Lightweight Carbon Fiber Frame & Magnesium Panels featuring corner blocks for easy hanging, stacking & dolly systems
  • Creative Curvability up to ±15 convex & concave curves thanks to corner blocks including 90° corner screen support
  • Increased contrast with enhanced view-ability in all  environments

Absen Altair is a light LED cabinet available in two physical sizes. A 600 x 600mm and a 600 x 1200mm cabinet offer flexibility in screen design. Both cabinets can be on the same data line, increasing ease of implementation. At 18.75 Kg/ square meter, the Altair is light enough to hang in locations where rigging a traditional cabinet is not possible. The standard mounting hardware will curve up to 15 degrees, concave or convex between cabinets. Every cabinet is also mitered on left and right edges, offering a true 90 degree corner with the optional 90 degree corner blocks. Free standing cube displays can be an eye catching addition to a lobby or event space. The Altair will work with standard 110 volt wall power, eliminating the need for large power distribution systems when building smaller displays.